The Hapla Commitment to Training

Our commitment is not just to supply products to Podiatrists but to be involved in the training and use of the products and techniques we are passionate about.

Working with Podiatrists to develop new techniques and treatments is a continuing goal of our team.

All Hapla training can qualify for CPD points.

Hapla Wave Video

The video demonstrates the Hapla 3D System technique, using 3 layers of Hapla 10mm Semi Compressed Felt and 5cm Chirofix retention tape to effectively reduce pressure on plantar ulcers.

The video visually demonstrates how to prepare, cut and shape the pressure relief padding for this cost and time effective technique.

Hapla Provisional Therapy

Hapla Provisional Therapy

By Dr Robert Van Lith, Pod B Dhc

Provisional therapy allows Podiatrists to effect immediate treatment for a wide range of foot problems. In this DVD, Dr Van Lith demonstrates an array of techniques that can be employed quickly and effectively chairside.

Podiatrist' guide to Hapla Padding & Strapping

Podiatrist' guide to Hapla Padding & Strapping

An educational guide containing 15 popular Hapla padding & strapping techniques. Each method features a step by step guide on how to complete the process.

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